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God not only wanted to wake me up, but he wants me to help him wake up others. I believe he wants me to publicly tell my story, to churches, to veterans, to anyone that will listen. So that’s what I have decided to pursue. I’ve always had a “special gift”, I’ve always been able to draw people towards me, friends calling me in extreme times of need, sometimes calling me to actually end their lives while talking to me….I always battled that, thought why would God do that to me? Doesn’t He know what I’ve been through? Why does He keep doing this to me? Well the answer is clear as day….yes He knew exactly what he was doing to me, He was preparing me to be His Man of Resolve.

When you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see a history of lessons learned or failures you keep repeating? Do you see a man who listens to instructions or listens to rebuke what he hears? We should develope the mindset that each time we fail, that once is more than enough, and then quickly adjust our course in order not to relive our life of wreckage. I truly believe I’m stepping out of the dark now, this time I Resolve to never look back. I need each one of you to also hold me accountable in this journey, and I will always reach out to those that feel this way and want to come with me.

Always Forward,  Zack W. Brown

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